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What is the ArticleX Affiliate program?

Introduce ArticleX to your customers, followers, and friends, and show them how they can save time and expand their content distribution by repurposing their existing video and audio content into written articles, guides, and summaries. For every new user you refer to ArticleX through your unique referral link, we’ll pay you a generous commission of 30% of their subscription price for as long as they remain a paying customer.¬†

How it works

Refer a $250 / month, earn $75 / mo recurring. If they pay $1,000 / month, earn $300 / mo recurring. The more customers you refer, the longer they stick around, the more you earn, up to a 30% commission.

Affiliate Case Study #1 - Outreach

Learn how this influencer is making $3k/month being an affiliate for ArticleX.

Affiliate Case Study #2 - Blogging

Learn how this influencer is making $3k/month being an affiliate for ArticleX.

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With our affiliate mode, you can earn up to 30% on the first year’s sales of each customer you refer. Refer more paying custom, the more recurring revenue you’ll earn!

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