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Expand your audience beyond podcasts.

Distribute your podcast content in written form across the internet. 

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Experience the magic of high-quality content creation in minutes, not hours!

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Don’t let your valuable content go to waste—convert it into compelling articles effortlessly.

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Take your podcast to new heights by converting it into a compelling long-form blog post or article! 

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Dive into the world of original content publishing and watch your reach soar.


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Bossy with Tara and Katie

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Podcast to Article

Boost your podcast impressions with embedded media.

Expand the audience of your long-form podcasts by embedding it within distributed content. ArticleX automatically embeds your podcast into generated content.

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Frequently asked questions

Got Questions? We’ve Got Answers!

How many tokens does ArticleX charge for podcast to article generation?

ArticleX charges 5,000 tokens for every 10 mins of podcast repurposed.

How does it work?

Copy the URL of the podcast, insert it into your dashboard, and press generate. It’s that easy! We also support MP3 audio files to drag and drop in.

How does ArticleX compare to other podcast to article generators?

ArticleX is the top-rated media to article tool. The software integrates with many platforms (YouTube, Spotify, Instagram, iTunes, TikTok, etc)., lets you publish articles easily, and helps you create content quickly. It can turn your social media posts into articles with just a few clicks, making it the perfect choice for busy creators who want to save time and reach more people.

What types of podcasts can I upload?

ArticleX is most effective with podcasts that primarily consist of spoken content, as our AI relies on words for curation. Podcasts such as interviews, discussions, educational talks, commentaries, reviews, and motivational speeches are ideal for our platform’s AI processing.

Can ArticleX handle podcasts in languages other than English?

Yes, ArticleX supports podcasts in various languages, not limited to English.

Is there a limit to the length of the podcast that can be converted into an article?

Yes, ArticleX charges 5,000 tokens for every 10 minutes of podcast repurposed. Longer podcasts would require proportionately more tokens.

How accurate is ArticleX in transcribing podcasts into written articles?

ArticleX strives for high accuracy in transcribing podcasts into written articles. However, the accuracy may vary depending on factors such as audio quality and speaker accents.

Are there any customization options available for the generated articles, such as formatting or style preferences?

Yes, ArticleX offers customization options for formatting and style preferences. Users can specify their preferences through the platform.

Are there any privacy or security measures in place for the uploaded podcast content?

Yes, ArticleX ensures privacy and security measures for the uploaded podcast content, protecting user data and ensuring confidentiality.

What formats are supported for exporting the generated articles?

ArticleX supports various formats for exporting the generated articles, including plain text, HTML, and other common document formats.

Are there any additional features or services offered by ArticleX apart from podcast to article conversion?

Yes, ArticleX offers additional features and services such as repurposing social media posts into articles, integration with various platforms, and facilitating easy publishing of articles.

The #1 Media to Article AI Suite

Convert your podcasts into articles.

Convert your podcast into attention-getting blog posts with one click.