Hyperparameter Optimization

Definition Hyperparameter Optimization in AI Marketing refers to the process of choosing a set of ideal hyperparameters, which are configuration settings, for a machine learning model. The goal is to find the optimal parameter settings that result in an improved performance of the model. Different strategies such as grid search, random search, and Bayesian optimization […]

Heterogeneous Transfer

Definition Heterogeneous Transfer in AI marketing is the methodology of applying machine learning models that have been trained on one type of data, to different types of data. It aims to promote adaptability by leveraging the knowledge gained from one task to improve performance on another. This concept is particularly useful in marketing scenarios where […]

Homogeneous Transfer

Definition In the context of AI in marketing, the term “Homogeneous Transfer” typically refers to the process of applying machine-learning models uniformly across similar data, contexts, or situations. The purpose is to ensure consistent, efficient predictive analysis or decision-making. This transfer learning method helps in simplifying complex marketing tasks, improving accuracy, and reducing bias in […]

Hierarchical Bayesian Models

Definition Hierarchical Bayesian Models in AI marketing refer to a statistical method that incorporates varying levels of information to produce better predictive results. They use data from broader levels to inform the understanding and prediction at the individual level. The technique allows for more personalized marketing strategies by considering both individual and group behavior patterns. […]

Hierarchical LDA (hLDA)

Definition Hierarchical Latent Dirichlet Allocation (hLDA) is a statistical model used in natural language processing for topic detection. It arranges topics detected in a hierarchical structure, allowing the understanding of macro to micro-level themes in large amounts of textual data. In marketing, it may be used to analyze customer feedback, social media conversations, or other […]

Hierarchical Dirichlet Process (HDP)

Definition The Hierarchical Dirichlet Process (HDP) is an artificial intelligence method used in marketing analytics. It’s a nonparametric, probabilistic approach to model the distribution of topics in a collection of documents wherein the number of topics isn’t predefined. In essence, it provides a flexible and automated method for data clustering, thus enabling deeper, more detailed […]

Hierarchical Probabilistic Models

Definition Hierarchical Probabilistic Models in AI marketing refer to mathematical frameworks that use a hierarchical structure to illustrate relationships between variables and parameters, and incorporate probability distributions to manage uncertainties related to these variables. These complex statistical models provide an efficient way to analyze multifaceted marketing datasets. They predict customers’ behavior or responses, enabling companies […]

Hierarchical Clustering

Definition Hierarchical Clustering in AI marketing is a method of data analysis which organizes similar items into groups, or clusters. The primary principle here is that objects in the same cluster are more similar to each other than to those in other clusters. It is hierarchical because it starts with individual items and progressively pairs […]


Definition In the context of AI and marketing, hyperparameters are variables defined prior to the execution of a machine learning model that influence the training process, such as learning rate or the number of layers in neural networks. They are not learned from the data but set manually depending on the algorithm to improve the […]

Highlighting Key Information

Definition In marketing, “Highlighting Key Information” means using AI to emphasize crucial data or details that can help improve marketing strategies or decisions. The AI can process vast amounts of data rapidly and accurately, identifying and highlighting important trends, patterns, or insights. This process helps expedite decision-making and increases the effectiveness of marketing campaigns. Key […]