Knowledge Distillation

Definition Knowledge Distillation is a process used in AI, particularly in marketing, where a larger, complex model (teacher) is used to train a smaller, simpler model (student). The aim is to transfer the knowledge from the larger model to the smaller one, hence improving its performance despite its simplicity. This includes understanding patterns, insights about […]

Kernel Methods

Definition Kernel methods in AI marketing refer to a set of algorithms used for pattern analysis. They involve transforming input data into a higher-dimensional space to achieve better model accuracy. This technique, used widely in machine learning, is especially useful for tasks such as classification, regression, and anomaly detection in complex marketing data. Key takeaway […]

K-Means Clustering

Definition K-Means Clustering is an AI technique used in marketing for segmenting data into distinct groups based on shared characteristics. This unsupervised machine learning algorithm takes a specified number of ‘K’ clusters and assigns each data point to one of these groups. The process helps businesses understand and target specific customer segments, implementing personalized marketing […]

Knowledge Transfer Learning

Definition Knowledge Transfer Learning in AI marketing is the process of applying knowledge and insights gained from one marketing campaign or dataset to another. Its aim is to improve the performance and efficiency of future campaigns or tasks, reducing the time spent on data processing and solution development. Essentially, it utilizes AI algorithms to extract […]

Knowledge Transfer

Definition In marketing, Knowledge Transfer refers to the process through which one unit such as an individual, a team, or a department learns from the knowledge and experiences of another. This can involve all aspects of technology, information, practices, and skills. It is vital in AI-driven strategies as it facilitates quicker decision-making, problem-solving, and innovation. […]

Key Point Extraction

Definition Key Point Extraction in marketing AI refers to the use of artificial intelligence algorithms to identify and extract essential information, insights, or key points from large data sets. This method is used to facilitate data analysis, helping marketers discern patterns, consumer preferences, or significant trends. Ultimately, these key points aid in designing effective marketing […]