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YouTube Shorts to Article

Expand your reach beyond YouTube.

Distribute your YouTube shorts in written form across the internet.

Generate in minutes

Experience the magic of high-quality content creation in minutes, not hours!

Reuse your content

Don’t let your valuable video content go to waste—convert it into compelling articles effortlessly.

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Youtube Short to Article

Turn your YouTube shorts into written content.

Get quick, real results with our easy-to-use dashboard.

Easy upload

It’s as easy as insert your URL, and pressing generate. 

Customize with ease

Customize your article to fit the messaging and branding around your YouTube shorts and goals.


Bring content into your Content Management System (CMS) for WordPress, HubSpot, and more.

YouTube Shorts


Youtube Short to Article

Boost your YouTube short performance with embedded media.

Expand the audience of your short-form videos by embedding it within distributed content. Our tool automatically embeds your reel into generated content!

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Frequently asked questions

Got Questions? We’ve Got Answers!

How many tokens does ArticleX charge for YouTube short to article generation?

ArticleX charges 1,000 tokens for every YouTube short repurposed.

How does it work?

Copy the URL of the short, insert it into your dashboard, and press generate. It’s that easy!

How does ArticleX compare to other YouTube short to article generators?

ArticleX is the top-rated media to article tool. The software integrates with many platforms (YouTube, Spotify, Instagram, iTunes, TikTok, etc)., lets you publish articles easily, and helps you create content quickly. It can turn your social media posts into articles with just a few clicks, making it the perfect choice for busy creators who want to save time and reach more people.

What types of YouTube shorts can I upload?

ArticleX is designed to accommodate a wide range of YouTube Shorts for conversion into articles. Whether your short features educational content, entertaining skits, informative tutorials, lifestyle vlogs, or inspirational messages, our platform can efficiently transform these Shorts into written articles.

Can ArticleX handle YouTube shorts in languages other than English?

Yes, ArticleX is equipped to process YouTube shorts in various languages, ensuring inclusivity for creators worldwide.

Are the articles generated from YouTube shorts customizable?

Yes, the articles generated by ArticleX from YouTube shorts are customizable, enabling users to tailor the content to suit their preferences and audience.

Does ArticleX offer any tools or features to enhance the articles generated from YouTube shorts?

Yes, ArticleX provides tools and features to enhance the articles generated from YouTube shorts, such as formatting options, image insertion, and keyword optimization.

Can I preview the article before finalizing the conversion of the YouTube short?

Yes, ArticleX allows users to preview the generated article before finalizing the conversion of the YouTube short, ensuring accuracy and quality.

Is there a mobile app available for using ArticleX on smartphones or tablets?

No, ArticleX does not offer a mobile app.

Are there any copyright or legal considerations when converting YouTube shorts into articles using ArticleX?

Yes, users should ensure they have the necessary rights or permissions to convert YouTube shorts into articles, respecting copyright and legal regulations.

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