Influencer Identification and Analysis

Definition Influencer Identification and Analysis in AI marketing refers to the process where AI systems are used to identify individuals or entities that have the ability to affect the decisions of a target audience within a specific industry. These systems analyze data such as online activity, followers, and engagement rates to determine the influencer’s reach, […]


Definition InfoGANs, short for Information Maximizing Generative Adversarial Networks, refer to an AI model used in marketing that learns and captures salient, interpretable, and disentangled representations from unstructured and unlabelled data. They enhance traditional GANs by incorporating an information-theoretic framework beneficial for a semantically meaningful interpretation. This enables the creation of more realistic content, often […]

Independent Component Analysis (ICA)

Definition Independent Component Analysis (ICA) in AI marketing is a statistical and computational technique used to reveal hidden factors or components from multivariate, statistical data. It works by separating a multivariate signal into independent non-Gaussian signals. In marketing, it can help in understanding complex data structures and identifying underlying factors influencing consumer behavior, among other […]

Image Super-Resolution

Definition Image Super-Resolution in AI marketing refers to the use of artificial intelligence algorithms to enhance the quality of low-resolution images, making them clearer and more detailed. It involves increasing the pixel density of images, thereby magnifying the tiny details often lost in the original low-resolution image. This innovation is utilized in marketing to refine […]

Incremental Learning

Definition Incremental learning in AI marketing refers to the process where an AI system continually learns and improves over time by processing new data. It adapts to changes in trends and patterns without needing to be fully retrained. This technique allows for more efficient and effective decision-making as the AI can update its knowledge based […]

Intelligent Automation

Definition Intelligent Automation in marketing refers to the application of Artificial Intelligence and related technologies like Machine Learning to automate complex processes and tasks, analyze data, and make decisions. This term typically involves the combined use of robotics and AI-based systems to increase efficiency and improve the customer experience in marketing. Essentially, it helps marketers […]

Influencer Content Collaboration Calendar

Definition In marketing, the AI term “Influencer Content Collaboration Calendar” refers to an automated schedule or timetable that aids in planning and coordinating content creation activities between brands and influencers. It utilizes AI to optimize the timing for content release based on analysis of past performances, trending topics, and audience engagement patterns. This ensures a […]

Isomap (Isometric Mapping)

Definition Isomap (Isometric Mapping) in AI marketing refers to a non-linear dimensionality reduction method, often used for visualizing high-dimensional data. It operates by estimating the intrinsic geometric structure of the data based on the geodesic distance or curvilinear distance among the data points rather than the Euclidean distance. This makes Isomap particularly useful for data […]

Importance Sampling

Definition Importance Sampling in marketing AI is a statistical technique used to estimate specific parameters of a targeted population by choosing a smaller but more relevant subset to analyze. This method increases the efficiency and accuracy of predictions by weighting elements according to their relevance or ‘importance’ in the context of the specific study or […]

Instance Segmentation

Definition Instance segmentation in AI marketing is a technology that allows the separation and identification of specific objects within an image down to the pixel level. It goes beyond detecting objects within an image by distinguishing each object as a separate instance or entity, while also identifying its class or label. This advanced technology is […]